Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pricing - Cup cakes

S Cup (2" top diameter)
25 pcs - RM45 (with strawberry - RM55)
36 pcs - RM61 (with strawberry - RM75)

M cup (2.5" top diameter)
16 pcs - RM43 (with strawberry - RM50)
25 pcs - RM60 (with strawberry - RM70)
36 pcs - RM80 (with strawberry - RM92)

Cup cakes flavour:
- chocolate moist
- buttercake vanilla (with blueberry/strawberry fillings pls add RM3)
- vanilla choc chips

- buttercream
- chocolate ganache

* strictly one flavour per set only.



Monday, March 16, 2009

Promotion of the month:
Get a set of regular blueberry/chocolate cheese tart for only RM54.
Promo ends 15th April 2008.
* 30 pieces/set

Friday, March 13, 2009

Made this engagement cake for Zarid's brother, Mahyuddin...super moist choc covered with buttercream. Anyway i just used a ready-made gum paste flowers instead of making my own...rasa malas nak bermain2 dgn dough :p Zarid requested for a blue theme, but personally i'm not really satisfied with the blue flowers, look a bit pale...tapi that's the only blue flowers available at Yummie huhu. Btw design inspired by Ellie de' Heart...tq yer!!

25 pcs super moist choc for my neighbour kak Dilla, ordered for her hubby's birthday.
Those are using solo cup size S (2" top diameter).


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ben 10 cuppies

Idlan has been requesting for a Ben 10 cake longgg time ago. But knowing myself not good in drawing, i'm afraid Ben's face may turn into something else :p So now rather than punishing Ben, i opt for edible image instead. In fact, much easier and save lots of your time .....i like!!!

This is a custom made edible...i mix Ben 10 with pictures of my beloved kiddos. Lovely isnt it?
Well with technology nothing is impossible, and the arts of baking is no exception.

Ben 10 yg menjadi kegilaan ramai :p

my little bobo @ Firas..i think he was about 5 mths+++ that time.

and the sweet big brother Idlan, pic during last Raya Haji

Made these extra cuppies for idlan to share with his school's friends. Since we didn't get a chance to celebrate his 4th birthday at school last Dec due to him down to chicken pox, i think this shall compensate what i've had promised him before :p

extra lagik! surprise for atok and nek Umi mereka tomorrow...i bet my mom will be surprise upon seeing her cucu's face on top of cuppies hehe. And i was thinking of putting our family picture for next Anniversary's cake...sure menarik kan??

Those interested to order for edible image, details as below:

ready made edible : additional RM10
- picture depends on stock's availability (usually ade Mickey, barbie, ultraman, ben 10,
madagascar, etc)
- approximately half A4 size
- only for whole cakes, not cup cakes

custom made edible : additional RM28
- send me your picture!
- pic size range between 200kb-700kb
- maximum A4 size
- for cup cakes, you can have a combination of 4 different pictures only

Appreciate order 7 days in advance ok :)

Ohh just to note, this edible is not for viewing purpose je tau, it can be eaten and swallow like any other foods :p Made of sugar icing and printed with a special printer and food coloring.
This time my buttercream looks smoother than using Chef Asma's recipe given during last baking class. Insya Allah will share the recipe in my next entry :)
Till then~

Monday, March 2, 2009

choc cheese tart anyone?

Top with ganache...perfect for any occasion!

Regular RM2/piece (minimum 15 per box)
Mini RM1.40/piece (minimum 20 per box)

outcome from my baking class

Cup cakes done during my baking class @ Yummie last Saturday. I did enjoy making all these, only that it consumes lottttsss of time i tell u :)

All flowers are made using gum paste, and cakes are covered with fresh fondant.

carla lily kots nama nyer...

daisy peasy

not sure the name

simple rose

sleeping baby

small daisy