Thursday, August 20, 2009

Amir Firas turns 1!

Happy belated birthday my dear Firas!
You're one big boy already :)

Mama doakan moga Firas membesar menjadi insan yg soleh, berguna kpd agama dan bangsamu, dan menjadi pelindung kpd mama dan abah di akhirat kelak. Moga sihat slalu sayang.

Mama, abah and abang Idlan luv you so much!!!!

Saje post entry ni utk kenang-kenangan even tho kat personal blog dah post entry ni :p
Manu tahu dia besar esok blogspot still ader lagi ye dak hehe

temporary halt

Salam all,

Just would like to let you know that i'm shutting down hotstove 'temporarily' until further notice due to meeself being warded and just underwent a surgery to remove my gall bladder on 17th August. Yepp i'm now a living person walking without a gall bladder :p

For those orders that i've accepted but unable to deliver prior and post my surgery, i'm truly regret and felt so sorry for that. Those that calls/sms/emails me for future orders, i'm in a process of attending to your queries.

Please pray for my recovery. Again thanx for putting your trust on me, and i do hope i can be back into action once my health condition permits.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

cheese tarts plizzz!

Here goes a mixture of blueberry & strawberry cheese tarts for Kak Anom - seksyen 7, Bdr Baru Bangi. Dah lama tak buat cheese tart, so alang2 tuh terus buat byk utk mkn2 kami sefamily..sgt puas :))

Thanx Kak Anom!

Dan ini ad hoc order dari jiranku Kak Shima utk besday anak kesayangannye Nabila. Choc moist cake 2kg, utk dicelebrate bersama dgn rakan2 mengajinya di Ad Din.

Thanx kak...pasnih jgn ad hoc2 lagik tau :p