Sunday, December 2, 2007

House-warming + Idlan's besday bash 1 Dec

banana chocolate

Black forest triffle

Choc chips cheese

Blueberry sponge cake

Choc cake

Thursday, November 8, 2007

sempena Syawal

1] Banana coated with melted chocolate

Very simple, just cut the banana into two (or more), or you may even leave it as one piece.
Melt the chocolate, coat the banana, and scribble with white chocolate or any colour as u desire. Done! You may also want to add some strawberry/fruit/orange yogurt/etc to the melted chocolate to give it some different taste...try it out :)

2] Chocolate chips cheesecake

with oreo biscuits as base....

Monday, October 22, 2007

more Raya cakes

One is blueberry choc delight with cheese frosting, half given to my mum, another half to be brought back to kampung...another one is chocolate chips cheese cake...another simple yet tasty cake. I just use the basic cheese cake recipe, added lots of choc chips inside, and lastly covered the whole cake with rich melted chocolate. Nice!

blueberry choc delight

cc batter...

done! covered with melted strawberry chocolate :)

traditional choc brownie

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hari Raya cake

It's blueberry chocolate delight for my ofismate Sue....

Selamat Hari Raya to all readers!
May you all have a safe journey to whichever destinations going to be...:)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cheese tarts galore!

Since am now free for the next two weeks before the 9th subject resumes, took the opportunity to fulfill the cheese tart orders from my officemates...enjoice!

Chocolate tarts

Blueberry tarts

and these mini tarts are for the loved ones :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I: Cuppies for jamuan makan2 at office....

II: another set for Idlan's cousin, Aiman & Haikal

This time i purposedly did not cover the whole top with cream, just to let everybody to really enjoy the taste of the choc cake :)

Monday, August 27, 2007

cuppies galore :)

Another set of cuppies, this time i use red and orange colour. It was presented as a birthday gift for my ofismate's daughter, sweet Alesha...Hepi 1 y-o Birthday dear!

and these 3 little cuppies, my last minute's job to avoid Idlan from snatching Alesha's.......:p

Friday, August 24, 2007

Home made mushroom soup

As requested by a friend, am sharing this recipe online, also as reference for others who interested to try out :)

Home-made mushroom soup (source: Azatul)
button mushroom
all purpose flour
chicken stock

1. Sautee garlic, add in flour, stir for a minute, then add in water & creamer. ..stir well.
2. Add mushroom, chicken stock and salt. Let it boils until cook....sprinkle oregano to add more colour and it's done! Serve jela....:)

p/s: i dont have the exact measures for each ingredients, semua agak2 jer...but watch out for the flour, too much flour will make the whole soup becomes too thick. To be safe, you may add the flour bit by bit, let it cook awhile...if the soup is too thick, just add some water to adjust...

The soup really tastes nice, super duper easy and what most important, it doesnt have preservatives unlike the one sold inside the can :)
It was such a long hibernation period, for me, the oven, mixer, and the gang:)

Did some spring clean inside the cupboard last week and found few packets of flour, sugar, and what nots....nearing their expiry dates :p

So let's wait no more, it's time to clear off everything mama!

started with blueberry muffin....

followed by surprise vanilla cuppies for Abah's convocation :)

and lastly a small birthday gift for a special friend...chocolate cuppies
Ok time to get back to work and assignment! Have a nice weekend ahead peeps :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Temporary halt

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

First and foremost, thank you to everyone for your utmost support and encouragement, and making Hot Stove becomes reality.

Due to certain circumstances (i.e. my hectic work/master schedules) and the limited time that I have (ok ok i admit each of us has the equal 24 hours per day but it differs when it comes to the allocation of time x number of responsibilities that you hold), dgn berat hati i'd have to put a stop to the operation of Hot Stove at the moment, and will only be back once am fully ready to commit on this another branch of my life.

Am so sorry for the late reply of emails and smses, and hope we can meet up again somewhere in the future, of which is still unknown. Once again thank you for all the support and trust given all this while! Till we meet again Insya Allah......:)


Monday, June 11, 2007

Chocolate delight for my ofismate Tini..she specifically requested to omit blueberry, hence i just covered the whole cake with cream cheese.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Marble chocolate cheese for my ofismate, K. Gee....

and another one for MMU staff, Anis.

Routine as student shall resumes tomorrow and i shall expect extra 'bz' ness for the next 6 weeks to come...and the upcoming subject is Strategic Mgmt, which according to my super seniors is among the hardest and toughest of all..wish me luck!

Monday, June 4, 2007

June Promotion!

Hi there,

Grab a combination of blueberry chocolate delight (cream cheese frosting) + 20 blueberry cheese tarts at only RM60!

Promotion valid for delivery in June only...tq!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Last day

Ni baru real closing for May, Blueberry Chocolate Delight for my ofismate, Su. She wanted it to look exactly like my sample, plus a combination of pink n purple colour...hope she likes!

The whole family will be going back to Kelantan tomorrow till Tuesday next week..pray for our safe journey ok :)

Monday, May 28, 2007

May Closing

Here goes the orders for the final week of May, thank you frens for all the support!

Marble choc cheese and cheese tart for my blogger fren Zilla

2 box of cheese tart for my ofismate K. Alimah

Marble choc cheese and blueberry choc delight for MMU staffs

p/s: Btw from today onwards, complimentary plastic knife given for all cake/brownie orders

Watch out for JUNE promotion next week!
Have a nice day :)

Welcome to Hot Stove

Hi everyone! New blog for Hot Stove? Hehe yes indeed it is…well after getting much pressures from people around me, queries on the cakes price and other details, plus the ever continuous support from darling hubby, I finally decided to set up this new special blog to answer all your questions :) The name ‘Hot Stove’ originally proposed by B, credits go to you yang! Unfortunately there is already someone out there used this name for his blog, hence the additional word ‘my’ explained everything. Hot Stove is still new, about one month old from the time I wrote this, therefore I will always welcome any comments, ‘constructive’ criticism, suggestions, etc for future improvements. This blog means additional commitments required from my part, apart from the existing responsibilities carried at the moment. So your support will be of great help for me to persevere! Products offered are not only limited to cakes, and I will try my best to introduce more range of products when time permits. Any queries, you can always reach me at Free delivery availables only for Klang Valley, Kajang, Bangi, Serdang and Putrajaya area, but we can always discuss for arrangements outside those mentioned above. Till then, have a nice sweet days ahead peeps!