Monday, April 27, 2009

you're my sunshine

This is an ad-hoc order by Kak Nor, it's vanilla buttercake with blueberry jem fillings...utk makan saje2 katanyer. Before accepting the order i checked first the ingredients, see whether i got everything in hand...if not definitely i won't take the order :p

To Kak Nor, thanx for the repeat order okeh...enjoy your cuppies!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

8kg choc moist

Fuh mmg lega habis after deliver kek ni pagi tadi. Tido pukul 4am tau....then bgn kol 630am sbb Kak Shima mintak kek ni dihantar b4 7am. Mujur umah dekat jer :p

Anyway, kek di order sempena majlis sambutan anak yatim di cheras. Initially mmg takut nak amik order ni, almaklum takut tak larat + gangguan dr firas yg bgn tgh mlm utk menyusu. Selalunye maksimum aku amik order 2 kek jer. Tapi since Kak Shima a.k.a. jiranku (one of the committee under Cahaya Kasih Maybank) macam berharap sesgt, maka ku beranikan diri terima order ni..lagipun utk anak2 yatim...kira special la sket. Last minute kak shima mintak aku lukis logo team dia.....aduss mmg agak comotla jugak...that's the best that i can come out with. And dia mintak sumer kek design mesti sama...hatta color border kek pon taleh lain2...takut bebudak tu berebut hehe

Alhamdulillah respond yg diterima sgt positive....mesti kekanak tu heppy dpt mkn kek...yela for sure jarang mereka2 ni diraikan. Kak shima ckp ade sorng tu sebaya dgn firas, perut kena tikam dek mak nyer yg macam giler meroyan....sian kan! Ramai yg mcm tak terurus, ade kutu....comot2 belaka. Baby 3-4 orang sharing under one baby cot...cuba bayangkan! Tingat kat firas yg duk dlm baby cot dia tu pon macam dah nak sempit..inikan pula share reramai isk isk. Insaf plak rasa. Syukurkan kita yg hidup serba selesa ni???

Anyway thanx ye kak!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Ben 10 strike!

It looks like the Ben10 fever is still here. This one was ordered by my ex-colleague a.k.a. a loyal customer of hotstove, Sue. I suggested for a vanilla buttercake layered with blueberry fillings for the cake, and she wanted it to be frosted with choc ganache. Frankly speaking now i 'heart' the taste of buttercake rather than choc cake...rasa cam dah muak plak with chocolate. The edible is a ready-made one..purchased at Yummie.

And tagged along with the cake are choc moist cup cakes. Since she just asked for whatever cartoon design, again i draw elmo and the geng, my favourite character :) Mencabar buat cuppies kali ni since Firas was at home, on 'mc' due to sakit mata. He followed me wherever i go, hence i had to carry and hold him on my left hand while scooping the batter into the cups using my right hand. Penat makcik! Not to mention he watched me making the earlier cake from A to Z, sitting behavely in his ikea high chair :p

To Lutfi, Happy 5th Birthday dear!
May u grow up healthily and become anak yg soleh ok :)
Mujur Idlan tak rebut kek Ben 10 tuh :p
Cakap kat ummi, takde birthday party ker bley jemput Auntie datang hehehhe

Friday, April 10, 2009

Pricing - Cheese cakes & Tarts

::Cheese cakes::
Chocolate chips cheese
Marble chocolate cheese
Orange cheese
8"- RM50, 9"- RM68

Blueberry cheese
8"- RM58, 9"- RM75

::Cheese Tarts::
20 pcs - RM40, 30 pcs - RM57

30 pcs - RM33, 50 pcs - RM49


Pricing - cakes


Vanilla butter cake
Orange butter cake
Marble choc butter cake
Super moist chocolate cake
8” - RM40, 10” - RM55

Blueberry chocolate delight
8” - RM45, 10” - RM60
for cream cheese frosting pls add RM7.

* Prices quoted above is for vanilla buttercream frosting. For chocolate ganache pls add RM5.
** Price for custom-made edible image (RM28), ready-made edible (RM10).
*** Additional charge of RM5-10 for certain character drawings.

Fresh fruit clan
9" - RM60

Add-on items:
Cake Filling: Strawberry jem/ Blueberry jem/ Choc ganache /choc buttercream - RM5
Chocolate buttercream frosting– RM5
Double frosting (buttercream + choc ganache) – RM10

"Happy Birthday" Sign - RM2


Sunday, April 5, 2009

go green^*^*

It's green this time. Hope it suits with the recipients, that is si 'Ayah'.
This set was ordered by my neighbour Kak Nor, for her husband Afizul, our chief security rep in my housing area. Another set was meant for her putera2 and puteri for i just draw elmo, cookie M and big bird and mixed with their names on it. Hope they like it.

~Thanks kak!

Extra cuppies 'wajib' for Idlan :)