Sunday, February 22, 2009

marble cheese

I consider myself lucky for me and hubby talks the same language when it comes to many things, amongst the most common and noticeable is food! Both of us really suke makan...tak kisah la dari nasi, the basic food...sampailah ke dessert, i.e. ice cream, chocolate, cakes, etc.
Pagi tadi bila bukak fridge..aiseh kosongnyer dlm tuh. And tak semena-mena both of us ckp..bestnyer kalo sentiasa ade kek dlm fridge tuh. Bestnyer kalo everytime nak makan kek tetiba dah ade dlm fridge....blablabla. So pagi tadi, lepas tidokan firas aku pon bergegas ke dapur utk wat mini marble cheesecake, lagipon stock cheese ade seketul lagi dlm freezer tuh. Dan memandangkan idlan suke blueberry, aku pon conteng2 la blueberry filling sket atas kek tu before bakar.

version 1- without blueberry
version 2 - with blueberry
Heaven sungguh bila dah sejukkan dlm fridge. Kini fridge ku tidak kosong lagi muehehehe :p
And yes, i've secured a seat for fondant cake class on this upcoming weekend @ Yummie. Really looking forward to it!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

update this week

2kg choc moist cake for my neighbour k.Zira. She requested for a girlie2 deco like flowers, butterfly, love... but i felt like drawing something on the ni la outcome nyer. My first attempt trying to conteng2 on the cake. Agak comot la jugak :p

Mini cheesecake - just help her to deco with choc ganache.
Sgt tempting tgk ni :)))
Anyway thanx kak...glad to hear deena luv it!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

cheezy galore

When i got the opportunity to do cheese tarts, rasa bestnyerrrrr! The last time i did this was 1 yr ago, back in SAC for my old ofismate. I always enjoy making tarts, despite the tedious steps involved. From mixing the dough, pressing the pastry onto tart moulds, bake it first round, then preparing the cheese filling, piping the filling into the pastry, piping the blueberry and lastly have it bake for the second round. So many steps isnt it? And when it's baked, need to let it cool for few minutes before i transfer each individual tart into paper cups. Not to mention the cleansing
part...kena cuci every tart mould tau :p
it's ready! fresh from oven
and some mini tarts for idlan malangnyer dia tak suke cheese :(
Coincidently last night i received 2 sms for emergency cake orders (u know who u are :p) alas i couldn't make it. If it's choc cake, perhaps i can reconsider but when it comes to cheese cakes, sori guys mmg tak dpt nak buat. I didn't keep cream cheese as stocks sbb dia senang expired, plus firas's EBM alone occupied 98% of my freezer space, hence i'll only buy cream cheese 1-2 days before making the cake.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Last week updates

Vanilla cuppies with buttercream - sesame street character

Mini choco duo set with ganache :)
Ohhh i 'heart' making this, not only simpler than the buttercream but they taste rich n lovely!

and last but not least, spiderman version for Idlan.
He has been asking for this many times ago but am just too plain lazy to deco
buttercream cup cakes :p