Monday, May 11, 2009

she's now a doctor!

We were invited to Pn. Siti's house on saturday evening, makan2 bersempena dia dah grad (Phd) and now is officially called a Doctor :) Pn Siti was our club advisor back in MMU, she's among the lecturer yg close to my husband, to the extent that our honeymoon pon being sponsored by her :) Anyway this is an orange sponge cake, store bought and not baked by me hoho.Tak sempat nak bake one for her, as such hubby just bought the cake and requested me to deco with ganache...main shortcut jela kiranyer nih :p

Apa2 pon, tahniah yer Pn Siti!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Adam is 1!

These were ordered by Kak Tie for Adam’s birthday celebration at his nursery, 3x25pcs M cup choc moist, vanilla c.chips and butter vanilla. No theme was specified by Kak Tie, so long as it suits with boys at Adam’s age, that should be ok.

Time flies very fast and today this little boy has turned 1. I still remember kak Tie’s old post saying Adam was one precious gift she ever received since he was born on the mother’s day. Well what more can be asked by a woman, other than a healthy baby boy thru a safe n sound delivery isn’t it?

To Adam, Hepi 1st Birthday to You!
May you grow up healthily, happy and smiling as always :)
Be a good brother to your kakak and abang Iman ok!

Thanx kak Tie!

why baking?

I always received these same questions from my friends...
tak penat ke baking?
bila masa ko buat cake eh?

Well to be honest, baking is indeed tiring. No deny on that okeh, especially when it comes to cleansing all the utensils and kitchen right after u finish baking. I always wish i have a maid who is assigned to do the clean up job (but again that's just a dream far way to become true :p). Back to the questions, i bake simply because i love to do it. I'm happy when people is beaming with joy, after eating my cakes. The satisfaction that i felt is somehow very special in a way that i didn't feel the same thing when i do other things. I stay up late at night to finish the order. At times i wake up at wee hours just to deco the cake (while my other half is sound asleep in lalaland hehe). Despite the frequent interruption by Firas waking up for feeding, i still find it is ok even tho i need to go back n forth - in between the bedroom n kitchen. Further, i can't stop from admiring other baker's works and always wish i could produce the same thing one day. There are many out there, whose jobs are undeniably very cool and creative...after all baking revolves around arts and crafts in most of the way.

Again i venture into this not because of the extra money earned out of it. Brapelah sangat yg saya dpt compare to the efforts put in throughout the whole process, but it's the satisfaction that we're talking about. Considering myself yg memang kaki tido, it is surprising when i slowly learn the fact that i'm willing to forgo my sleeping time (at night) just to bake cakes. How i wish one day i can just sit at home and bake cakes all day long. Forget the 9-5 job, no hassle with the traffic congestion and all. Syok isn't it??? My hubby always threw out the idea of me pursuing phd. Haha ya ampun diriku tak minat! Konfem 5 tahun pon takkan habis :p

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

elmo lagik :)

This vanilla buttercake cuppies was ordered by my return customer cum neighbour, kak Nor. At first i declined her order, considering am full with earlier orders and other commitment, hence i referred her to my fren Farra. But Farra also couldn't accept her order, as such after much thoughts (dahla anak Kak Nor tgh demam and ngidam nk makan cup cakes) i finally bake this set for his son last night. And bersempena with mother's day this upcoming Sunday kak nor requested to put the mother's day wording on the cuppies.

Somehow i feel happy since i knew lots of people out there can't wait to celebrate the mother's day with their moms. Myself feels super excited as well (since i already planned for a surprise gift for my mom). My family will gather at my house tis sunday, and i've been thinking of baking a special cake for my mom but not sure whether i have enough time to do it. Silap haribulan last minute i'll resort to secret recipe jer kots hohoho

anyway kak Nor, thanx for the repeat order advance Hepi Mother's Day to u :p

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Salam Friends,

1. Order for this week is officially closed. Sori to friends whose orders have been turned down. I only take limited orders per week due to my time constraint + ade baby kecik yg fully breastfeed :)

2. Good news! Price for custom-made edible is reduced from RM28 to RM24 since I manage to outsource the printing to a cheaper alternative. Choices of ordering template as below:

Code 1:
Circle size: 1.6"
Total circles in sheet : 24 pcs
Maximum 6 different images

Code 2:
Circle size: 2”
Total circles in sheet : 15 pcs
Maximum 3 different images

Code 3:
Circle size: 5" x 2pcs + 1.6" x 2pcs
Maximum 3 different images

Code 4:
Circle size: 6" x 1pc + 1.6" x 10pcs
Maximum 3 different images

Code 5:
Circle size: 7" x 1pcs + 1.6" x 8pcs
Maximum 3 different images

How to Order?

Quantity: 1 sheet
Template Code: 4
Size 6": Ben 10
Size 1.6": 5 pcs Barney & 5pcs Princess
Description: Pls use attached images

Appreciate orders for edible 10 days in advance since i need extra time for printing and delivery of the image. Please provide images with at least 200 dpi resolution for a better printing result.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Berries "i luv u"

Suitable for a gift to your loved ones, the "Berries set" consists of the following:

1. Berries cake
- 8' choc moist cake
- frosting: fresh whipped cream+choc ganache
- top: strawberries+grated choc+mini choc chips
- price: RM65

2. Berries cake + cup cakes
- 8' choc moist cake
- frosting: fresh whipped cream+choc ganache
- top: strawberries+grated choc+mini choc chips
- 10 cup cakes (S cup) - choc moist flavour
- price: RM78