Friday, June 26, 2009

Berries set

Berries set + 10 butter vanilla choc chips (+strawberry fillings) ni diorder oleh Eikyn from JPN. Initially mmg rasa cam malas nak buat kek ni considering Firas yg tgh demam+gastrik aku yg asyik on off this past few weeks. Tapi janji tetap kena tunaikan, lagipon Eikyn dah placed order few weeks ago..rasa tak syiok plak kalau nak cancel order nih.

To Eikyn, thanx yer for your order...comel jer orangnyer :)
Nice dealing with you!

butter vanilla cuppies+choco duo topping

and these as usual...for idlan :p
p/s: the korean strawberry is out of season at the moment, as such i have to replace with Driscoll's....version Driscoll's ni gemuk2 and gedabak sesangat! Yang tak brape best, size dia tak sekata...ade besar cam giant, ade kecik sket..but rasa still ok..sweet!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Adam Irfan turns 1!

These sets were ordered by Ayin from UKM Bangi, 2 sets choc moist and 2 sets vanilla c.chips. She got to know me thru kak tie, and she got to know kak tie thru the breastfeeding thread in Cari's forum. See with internet, you can broaden your network and make friends with anyone :) And i notice the breastfeeding mommas somehow have one kind of chemistry that makes them easy to get close to one another and stay connected.

Anyway Ayin, thanx for trusting me. Honestly it's very easy to deal with you... glad to know you as well :)

To Adam Irfan, Heppi 1st Besday to you! Moga sihat slalu, dan membesar menjadi insan yg soleh okey.

And this one needs no explanation i guess. Happy Father's Day B!!!
Thanx for being the best father to our kids.
We luv you so much!!!

Thought of treating the whole family for a fine dinner outside, however i had a stomach upset again this evening. Got a series of gastric attack since last week and it got worsen on last thursday. Malasnyer nak jumpe Mr Doc again huhuhu

Thursday, June 11, 2009

the long silence....

This blog has been left deserted for quite some time. And that also means no baking activity takes place since my last post. Workloads piling up, plus the recent long holiday were mainly the reason. To those who has emailed for orders and I said ‘NO’ to such orders, am really sorry for that. Perhaps I’ll try to be extra rajin in the future. And ohh I’ve found ‘something’ new to my interest, which also explains why I put baking as my second priority. Most of my ‘free’ time was spent digging up and collecting more knowledge on that thingy. Interesting sgt to the extent that I can’t even have a proper sleep due to being anxious of waiting what’s gonna happen the next day…dasat seh hehehe.

Anyway this buttercake is meant for an engagement occasion, ordered by my loyal customer, Kak Nor for his brother. Ceremony to be held in Taiping on the upcoming Saturday, so it means this is the farthest my cake is going to be delivered to :p Panic striked all over last night when I couldn’t find the right nozzle for my cake, either misplaced or lost it somewhere ntahla. Lucky I have another one, producing almost similar pattern that I intended to have…lega rasa!
To Kak Nor, thank you for the endless support. Sori if it doesn’t match up to your expectation yer.

Got one impending order for next week…she has emailed to me since a month ago to confirm. Harap2 lepas ni dpt baliklah momentum baking ni hehehe.

M.a.l.a.s. plizzz go away from me!