Friday, December 11, 2009

Idlan Farhan now 5!

Happy Birthday Sayang!
We luv you with all our hearts muahhhss!

* i dont feel like writing much, hence refer to my personal blog for the birthday's entry ok :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

hepi 5th besday H.a.Z.i.Q!

2kg choc moist cake ordered by my friend Ipah for her son’s birthday celebration at taska. I’m running out of idea on what to scribble on the cake to suit a boy’s cake, hence I just arranged the mini train and drawed the railway track using buttercream. Hope you’re ok with it yer Ipah ngeeeeeee :p

Friday, October 16, 2009

baking during Eid

blueberry muffin

choc chips muffin

blueberry cheese cake

assorted cheese tarts

It's been a while since i last updating this blog. So i'm uploading some of the pics taken during last Eid, merely for the sake of having new update :p Enjoys!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Amir Firas turns 1!

Happy belated birthday my dear Firas!
You're one big boy already :)

Mama doakan moga Firas membesar menjadi insan yg soleh, berguna kpd agama dan bangsamu, dan menjadi pelindung kpd mama dan abah di akhirat kelak. Moga sihat slalu sayang.

Mama, abah and abang Idlan luv you so much!!!!

Saje post entry ni utk kenang-kenangan even tho kat personal blog dah post entry ni :p
Manu tahu dia besar esok blogspot still ader lagi ye dak hehe

temporary halt

Salam all,

Just would like to let you know that i'm shutting down hotstove 'temporarily' until further notice due to meeself being warded and just underwent a surgery to remove my gall bladder on 17th August. Yepp i'm now a living person walking without a gall bladder :p

For those orders that i've accepted but unable to deliver prior and post my surgery, i'm truly regret and felt so sorry for that. Those that calls/sms/emails me for future orders, i'm in a process of attending to your queries.

Please pray for my recovery. Again thanx for putting your trust on me, and i do hope i can be back into action once my health condition permits.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

cheese tarts plizzz!

Here goes a mixture of blueberry & strawberry cheese tarts for Kak Anom - seksyen 7, Bdr Baru Bangi. Dah lama tak buat cheese tart, so alang2 tuh terus buat byk utk mkn2 kami sefamily..sgt puas :))

Thanx Kak Anom!

Dan ini ad hoc order dari jiranku Kak Shima utk besday anak kesayangannye Nabila. Choc moist cake 2kg, utk dicelebrate bersama dgn rakan2 mengajinya di Ad Din.

Thanx kak...pasnih jgn ad hoc2 lagik tau :p

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Promo cake with edible image

Salam frens,

Since i got extra edible image Dora in hand, i'd like to do a promotion as below:

Cake - 8' chocolate moist/buttercake (round pan)
Frosting - vanilla buttercream
Can request to put certain wordings and color theme
Price: RM45 (normal price RM50)

* For choc ganache frosting pls add RM5.

Anyone interested can msg me okeh..tq!

blueberry cheese cake

Blueberry cheese cake for my neighbour next door, Kak Kherry. She just got to know that i'm a baker after seeing few customers coming to my house to pick up their orders. hehe saye mmg pemalu...i won't tell if people don't ask, sbb tu kes jiran sebelah sendiri pon tak tahu :p

Anyway, Hepi xxxth Besday Kak Kherry. May Allah bless you.
Thanx for your order okie :)

Ohhh semalam saye and hubby pegi Jcard Day Equine...berjaya sambar satu lagi oven Elba sempena my besday gift...dpt 10% diskaun lagik tu. So lepas ni bley la saya accept 2-3 orders in a day :) Hopefully lepas ni dah takde mood malas2 lagik nak berbaking nih ngeeeee

Saturday, July 18, 2009

triple celebration

Choc moist cup cakes again, this time it was for Kak Mariana from BB.Bangi. She requested me to put 3 names on the cuppies, so i'd assume it's a triple birthday celebration for the kiddies. Notice the ladybird on the 1st pic? ngeee i like that sooo much. As for the elmo cuppies, i added new character i.e. Oscar to the family.
To Kak Mariana, thanx for the order! Hope ur kids like it :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sports Day Ad-Din

Salam all,
Hmm lama dah saya tinggalkan blog ni eh…makcik bz banget la lately. So mood nak baking pon kureng. Balik umah dah penat, bila tidokan firas dgn mama skali terus tertido hehe.

Opss ade segelintir yg sms saya request for ad-hoc order..jgn berkecil hati yer kalau saya tolak order anda. Utk yg tak kenal saya, sebenarnyer saya bukan suri rumah tangga sepenuh masa. I’m still working, hence the time that I can allocate for baking is very limited. Plus I got a small fully-bf + very demanding toddler to attend to. Sebab tu lah order yg boleh diterima sgt limited. Emm lagi satu, saya harap those yg nak order cheese tart/cheese cake dpt kasik advance notice at least 3 hari sebelum pick up date. Saya tak simpan stock cream cheese kat umah sebab dia senang expired, so kalo hari ni order esok nak amik confirm mmg tak dpt entertain lah :p Lagi satu, saya takder buat delivery, so pick up either kat ofis saya di TM Jln Pantai Baru or rumah di Tmn Sutera Kajang (bukan Bangi tau hehe sbb ade igt saya duk bangi).
Okla tu je kot pesanan penaja hari ni….kite layanzzz gambar2 cup cakes yg saya buat utk sports day anak saya di Tadika Ad-din last week.

Eh lupa satu lagi, saya terima jugak order utk cream sape nak order bley la :)

RM0.40/piece minimum order 50 pieces.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Berries set

Berries set + 10 butter vanilla choc chips (+strawberry fillings) ni diorder oleh Eikyn from JPN. Initially mmg rasa cam malas nak buat kek ni considering Firas yg tgh demam+gastrik aku yg asyik on off this past few weeks. Tapi janji tetap kena tunaikan, lagipon Eikyn dah placed order few weeks ago..rasa tak syiok plak kalau nak cancel order nih.

To Eikyn, thanx yer for your order...comel jer orangnyer :)
Nice dealing with you!

butter vanilla cuppies+choco duo topping

and these as usual...for idlan :p
p/s: the korean strawberry is out of season at the moment, as such i have to replace with Driscoll's....version Driscoll's ni gemuk2 and gedabak sesangat! Yang tak brape best, size dia tak sekata...ade besar cam giant, ade kecik sket..but rasa still ok..sweet!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Adam Irfan turns 1!

These sets were ordered by Ayin from UKM Bangi, 2 sets choc moist and 2 sets vanilla c.chips. She got to know me thru kak tie, and she got to know kak tie thru the breastfeeding thread in Cari's forum. See with internet, you can broaden your network and make friends with anyone :) And i notice the breastfeeding mommas somehow have one kind of chemistry that makes them easy to get close to one another and stay connected.

Anyway Ayin, thanx for trusting me. Honestly it's very easy to deal with you... glad to know you as well :)

To Adam Irfan, Heppi 1st Besday to you! Moga sihat slalu, dan membesar menjadi insan yg soleh okey.

And this one needs no explanation i guess. Happy Father's Day B!!!
Thanx for being the best father to our kids.
We luv you so much!!!

Thought of treating the whole family for a fine dinner outside, however i had a stomach upset again this evening. Got a series of gastric attack since last week and it got worsen on last thursday. Malasnyer nak jumpe Mr Doc again huhuhu

Thursday, June 11, 2009

the long silence....

This blog has been left deserted for quite some time. And that also means no baking activity takes place since my last post. Workloads piling up, plus the recent long holiday were mainly the reason. To those who has emailed for orders and I said ‘NO’ to such orders, am really sorry for that. Perhaps I’ll try to be extra rajin in the future. And ohh I’ve found ‘something’ new to my interest, which also explains why I put baking as my second priority. Most of my ‘free’ time was spent digging up and collecting more knowledge on that thingy. Interesting sgt to the extent that I can’t even have a proper sleep due to being anxious of waiting what’s gonna happen the next day…dasat seh hehehe.

Anyway this buttercake is meant for an engagement occasion, ordered by my loyal customer, Kak Nor for his brother. Ceremony to be held in Taiping on the upcoming Saturday, so it means this is the farthest my cake is going to be delivered to :p Panic striked all over last night when I couldn’t find the right nozzle for my cake, either misplaced or lost it somewhere ntahla. Lucky I have another one, producing almost similar pattern that I intended to have…lega rasa!
To Kak Nor, thank you for the endless support. Sori if it doesn’t match up to your expectation yer.

Got one impending order for next week…she has emailed to me since a month ago to confirm. Harap2 lepas ni dpt baliklah momentum baking ni hehehe.

M.a.l.a.s. plizzz go away from me!

Monday, May 11, 2009

she's now a doctor!

We were invited to Pn. Siti's house on saturday evening, makan2 bersempena dia dah grad (Phd) and now is officially called a Doctor :) Pn Siti was our club advisor back in MMU, she's among the lecturer yg close to my husband, to the extent that our honeymoon pon being sponsored by her :) Anyway this is an orange sponge cake, store bought and not baked by me hoho.Tak sempat nak bake one for her, as such hubby just bought the cake and requested me to deco with ganache...main shortcut jela kiranyer nih :p

Apa2 pon, tahniah yer Pn Siti!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Adam is 1!

These were ordered by Kak Tie for Adam’s birthday celebration at his nursery, 3x25pcs M cup choc moist, vanilla c.chips and butter vanilla. No theme was specified by Kak Tie, so long as it suits with boys at Adam’s age, that should be ok.

Time flies very fast and today this little boy has turned 1. I still remember kak Tie’s old post saying Adam was one precious gift she ever received since he was born on the mother’s day. Well what more can be asked by a woman, other than a healthy baby boy thru a safe n sound delivery isn’t it?

To Adam, Hepi 1st Birthday to You!
May you grow up healthily, happy and smiling as always :)
Be a good brother to your kakak and abang Iman ok!

Thanx kak Tie!

why baking?

I always received these same questions from my friends...
tak penat ke baking?
bila masa ko buat cake eh?

Well to be honest, baking is indeed tiring. No deny on that okeh, especially when it comes to cleansing all the utensils and kitchen right after u finish baking. I always wish i have a maid who is assigned to do the clean up job (but again that's just a dream far way to become true :p). Back to the questions, i bake simply because i love to do it. I'm happy when people is beaming with joy, after eating my cakes. The satisfaction that i felt is somehow very special in a way that i didn't feel the same thing when i do other things. I stay up late at night to finish the order. At times i wake up at wee hours just to deco the cake (while my other half is sound asleep in lalaland hehe). Despite the frequent interruption by Firas waking up for feeding, i still find it is ok even tho i need to go back n forth - in between the bedroom n kitchen. Further, i can't stop from admiring other baker's works and always wish i could produce the same thing one day. There are many out there, whose jobs are undeniably very cool and creative...after all baking revolves around arts and crafts in most of the way.

Again i venture into this not because of the extra money earned out of it. Brapelah sangat yg saya dpt compare to the efforts put in throughout the whole process, but it's the satisfaction that we're talking about. Considering myself yg memang kaki tido, it is surprising when i slowly learn the fact that i'm willing to forgo my sleeping time (at night) just to bake cakes. How i wish one day i can just sit at home and bake cakes all day long. Forget the 9-5 job, no hassle with the traffic congestion and all. Syok isn't it??? My hubby always threw out the idea of me pursuing phd. Haha ya ampun diriku tak minat! Konfem 5 tahun pon takkan habis :p

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

elmo lagik :)

This vanilla buttercake cuppies was ordered by my return customer cum neighbour, kak Nor. At first i declined her order, considering am full with earlier orders and other commitment, hence i referred her to my fren Farra. But Farra also couldn't accept her order, as such after much thoughts (dahla anak Kak Nor tgh demam and ngidam nk makan cup cakes) i finally bake this set for his son last night. And bersempena with mother's day this upcoming Sunday kak nor requested to put the mother's day wording on the cuppies.

Somehow i feel happy since i knew lots of people out there can't wait to celebrate the mother's day with their moms. Myself feels super excited as well (since i already planned for a surprise gift for my mom). My family will gather at my house tis sunday, and i've been thinking of baking a special cake for my mom but not sure whether i have enough time to do it. Silap haribulan last minute i'll resort to secret recipe jer kots hohoho

anyway kak Nor, thanx for the repeat order advance Hepi Mother's Day to u :p

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Salam Friends,

1. Order for this week is officially closed. Sori to friends whose orders have been turned down. I only take limited orders per week due to my time constraint + ade baby kecik yg fully breastfeed :)

2. Good news! Price for custom-made edible is reduced from RM28 to RM24 since I manage to outsource the printing to a cheaper alternative. Choices of ordering template as below:

Code 1:
Circle size: 1.6"
Total circles in sheet : 24 pcs
Maximum 6 different images

Code 2:
Circle size: 2”
Total circles in sheet : 15 pcs
Maximum 3 different images

Code 3:
Circle size: 5" x 2pcs + 1.6" x 2pcs
Maximum 3 different images

Code 4:
Circle size: 6" x 1pc + 1.6" x 10pcs
Maximum 3 different images

Code 5:
Circle size: 7" x 1pcs + 1.6" x 8pcs
Maximum 3 different images

How to Order?

Quantity: 1 sheet
Template Code: 4
Size 6": Ben 10
Size 1.6": 5 pcs Barney & 5pcs Princess
Description: Pls use attached images

Appreciate orders for edible 10 days in advance since i need extra time for printing and delivery of the image. Please provide images with at least 200 dpi resolution for a better printing result.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Berries "i luv u"

Suitable for a gift to your loved ones, the "Berries set" consists of the following:

1. Berries cake
- 8' choc moist cake
- frosting: fresh whipped cream+choc ganache
- top: strawberries+grated choc+mini choc chips
- price: RM65

2. Berries cake + cup cakes
- 8' choc moist cake
- frosting: fresh whipped cream+choc ganache
- top: strawberries+grated choc+mini choc chips
- 10 cup cakes (S cup) - choc moist flavour
- price: RM78


Monday, April 27, 2009

you're my sunshine

This is an ad-hoc order by Kak Nor, it's vanilla buttercake with blueberry jem fillings...utk makan saje2 katanyer. Before accepting the order i checked first the ingredients, see whether i got everything in hand...if not definitely i won't take the order :p

To Kak Nor, thanx for the repeat order okeh...enjoy your cuppies!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

8kg choc moist

Fuh mmg lega habis after deliver kek ni pagi tadi. Tido pukul 4am tau....then bgn kol 630am sbb Kak Shima mintak kek ni dihantar b4 7am. Mujur umah dekat jer :p

Anyway, kek di order sempena majlis sambutan anak yatim di cheras. Initially mmg takut nak amik order ni, almaklum takut tak larat + gangguan dr firas yg bgn tgh mlm utk menyusu. Selalunye maksimum aku amik order 2 kek jer. Tapi since Kak Shima a.k.a. jiranku (one of the committee under Cahaya Kasih Maybank) macam berharap sesgt, maka ku beranikan diri terima order ni..lagipun utk anak2 yatim...kira special la sket. Last minute kak shima mintak aku lukis logo team dia.....aduss mmg agak comotla jugak...that's the best that i can come out with. And dia mintak sumer kek design mesti sama...hatta color border kek pon taleh lain2...takut bebudak tu berebut hehe

Alhamdulillah respond yg diterima sgt positive....mesti kekanak tu heppy dpt mkn kek...yela for sure jarang mereka2 ni diraikan. Kak shima ckp ade sorng tu sebaya dgn firas, perut kena tikam dek mak nyer yg macam giler meroyan....sian kan! Ramai yg mcm tak terurus, ade kutu....comot2 belaka. Baby 3-4 orang sharing under one baby cot...cuba bayangkan! Tingat kat firas yg duk dlm baby cot dia tu pon macam dah nak sempit..inikan pula share reramai isk isk. Insaf plak rasa. Syukurkan kita yg hidup serba selesa ni???

Anyway thanx ye kak!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Ben 10 strike!

It looks like the Ben10 fever is still here. This one was ordered by my ex-colleague a.k.a. a loyal customer of hotstove, Sue. I suggested for a vanilla buttercake layered with blueberry fillings for the cake, and she wanted it to be frosted with choc ganache. Frankly speaking now i 'heart' the taste of buttercake rather than choc cake...rasa cam dah muak plak with chocolate. The edible is a ready-made one..purchased at Yummie.

And tagged along with the cake are choc moist cup cakes. Since she just asked for whatever cartoon design, again i draw elmo and the geng, my favourite character :) Mencabar buat cuppies kali ni since Firas was at home, on 'mc' due to sakit mata. He followed me wherever i go, hence i had to carry and hold him on my left hand while scooping the batter into the cups using my right hand. Penat makcik! Not to mention he watched me making the earlier cake from A to Z, sitting behavely in his ikea high chair :p

To Lutfi, Happy 5th Birthday dear!
May u grow up healthily and become anak yg soleh ok :)
Mujur Idlan tak rebut kek Ben 10 tuh :p
Cakap kat ummi, takde birthday party ker bley jemput Auntie datang hehehhe

Friday, April 10, 2009

Pricing - Cheese cakes & Tarts

::Cheese cakes::
Chocolate chips cheese
Marble chocolate cheese
Orange cheese
8"- RM50, 9"- RM68

Blueberry cheese
8"- RM58, 9"- RM75

::Cheese Tarts::
20 pcs - RM40, 30 pcs - RM57

30 pcs - RM33, 50 pcs - RM49


Pricing - cakes


Vanilla butter cake
Orange butter cake
Marble choc butter cake
Super moist chocolate cake
8” - RM40, 10” - RM55

Blueberry chocolate delight
8” - RM45, 10” - RM60
for cream cheese frosting pls add RM7.

* Prices quoted above is for vanilla buttercream frosting. For chocolate ganache pls add RM5.
** Price for custom-made edible image (RM28), ready-made edible (RM10).
*** Additional charge of RM5-10 for certain character drawings.

Fresh fruit clan
9" - RM60

Add-on items:
Cake Filling: Strawberry jem/ Blueberry jem/ Choc ganache /choc buttercream - RM5
Chocolate buttercream frosting– RM5
Double frosting (buttercream + choc ganache) – RM10

"Happy Birthday" Sign - RM2


Sunday, April 5, 2009

go green^*^*

It's green this time. Hope it suits with the recipients, that is si 'Ayah'.
This set was ordered by my neighbour Kak Nor, for her husband Afizul, our chief security rep in my housing area. Another set was meant for her putera2 and puteri for i just draw elmo, cookie M and big bird and mixed with their names on it. Hope they like it.

~Thanks kak!

Extra cuppies 'wajib' for Idlan :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pricing - Cup cakes

S Cup (2" top diameter)
25 pcs - RM45 (with strawberry - RM55)
36 pcs - RM61 (with strawberry - RM75)

M cup (2.5" top diameter)
16 pcs - RM43 (with strawberry - RM50)
25 pcs - RM60 (with strawberry - RM70)
36 pcs - RM80 (with strawberry - RM92)

Cup cakes flavour:
- chocolate moist
- buttercake vanilla (with blueberry/strawberry fillings pls add RM3)
- vanilla choc chips

- buttercream
- chocolate ganache

* strictly one flavour per set only.



Monday, March 16, 2009

Promotion of the month:
Get a set of regular blueberry/chocolate cheese tart for only RM54.
Promo ends 15th April 2008.
* 30 pieces/set

Friday, March 13, 2009

Made this engagement cake for Zarid's brother, Mahyuddin...super moist choc covered with buttercream. Anyway i just used a ready-made gum paste flowers instead of making my own...rasa malas nak bermain2 dgn dough :p Zarid requested for a blue theme, but personally i'm not really satisfied with the blue flowers, look a bit pale...tapi that's the only blue flowers available at Yummie huhu. Btw design inspired by Ellie de' Heart...tq yer!!

25 pcs super moist choc for my neighbour kak Dilla, ordered for her hubby's birthday.
Those are using solo cup size S (2" top diameter).